Sherwood Forest Fortunes: A Fiery Free Online Pokie

Playing online pokie games is all about having fun and finding the perfect game with a theme that makes you the happiest. And what could possibly make you happier than getting to be the one that saves the day? Sherwood Forest Fortune is a 5 reel and 20 pay line video pokie that gives you the chance to be the hero of the day.

Robin Hood waits for your action in this fun interactive pokie game. Take a trip to Sherwood Forrest and discover amazing animations on the reels and fun sound effects that go with them. You can take your pick between bets ranging from $0.01 to $0.25, and also the opportunity to play with up to 10 coins per pay line. This means that all types of player will have a shot at some Sherwood Forest action.

Perhaps one of the most popular features you can find when playing this pokie is the bonus round game. This bonus game is quite interactive as you’re able to track your progress on a map. The first bonus feature is called Target Practice Bonus Round, the second game is dubbed Steal from the Rich and the final bonus feature is the Sheriff’s Duel.

Winning Free Online Pokie Tips Your Might Be Missing

There are many reasons why people love to play free online pokie games. Some of these reasons include the fact that you get to play for huge progressive jackpots, enjoy all kinds of captivating games and claim extra cash playing the fabulous bonus rounds features. And one of the more important aspects that players appreciate about pokie games is that they’re really straightforward and easy to play.

However, the fact that these are extremely easy casino games doesn’t mean that there isn’t any strategy involved. Even while there isn’t a truly complicated strategy to learn, there are a few tips that you might be missing and that could considerably add to your winning possibilities. Try to follow a few simple tips and you could be having more fun than before when playing your favorite pokie machine game.

The first detail you want to be paying close attention to are the payout percentages. Understanding payout percentages for the casino games you’re about to play is vital since payback is what actually determines your long-term possibilities of winning. Another important tip you might be forgetting is to join the casino’s VIP or loyalty program. By joining this exclusive club you’ll be able to claim special rewards and prizes that regular players don’t get to enjoy.

Winning Strategy of Online Fruit Machine Games

There are many players that say that online casino fruit machine games are bases on pure luck or chance and that there’s nothing you can really do to change the outcome, others think differently. Some players actually believe that there are a great number of things that can be done in order to increase their chances of winning when playing online fruit machine games.

Even though there’s a lot of practice involved the good news is that you can go ahead and take advantage of the free online fruit machine games that reputable casinos such as Superior Casino offer. One of the very first things you must learn about the particular online fruit machine game you want to play is to about the symbols and what these mean for you. Take a look at the paytable where you will find all the necessary information.

Another winning strategy when it comes to online fruit machine games is to always bet with maximum amount of coins allowed. While this may sound as an obvious statement, there are some players who that do not know about jackpot prizes. Betting with max amounts will allow for you to be eligible to land not only the bonus round games but also the big jackpot payouts that can really help you increase your online casino bankroll.

Online Casino Gambling: Much More than Meets the Eye

Online casino gambling is much more than pure entertainment. Of course you can wing rather large amounts of cash when playing online fruit machines such as the wonderful Big Cash Win, Cleopatra’s Coins, For Love or Money, Hole in Won and many others. But, your online casino experience can also extend to your everyday life as you can apply many of the skills you’ve learned in your online casino.

First of all, when you play online casino games you’re mainly focused on two things: winning and having fun. When you push yourself to learn everything you can about the games, whether you’re playing online fruit machines or classic table games such as blackjack or poker, you’re bound to learn strategies and money saving techniques that you can without a doubt bring them to your offline life.

Moreover, when you’ve accumulated a nice bankroll online you can feel comfortable using this hard-earned cash as part of your monthly income. If you’re a smart player you can take your online casino gaming experience to a totally rewarding level not only personally but also financially helping you in ways that you never thought could be possible before. So there are many valuable lessons can take with you from your online casino sessions.

Online Casino Halloween Fun All Year Round with Scary Rich 3

If you happen to be looking for an early Halloween treat, look no more. Scary Rich 3 is the perfect Halloween-themed fruit machine and you can play it all year round. This particular online pokie is the third game of the very popular Scary Rich saga. The game is packed with special sound effects and images that will truly make you cringe. As the reels spin a splatter of blood takes over in addition to spooky noises left and right.

There are a lot of special icons in Scary Rich 3 such as keys, a gas lamp, skulls and a scary zombie guy. The meat cleaver icon will get you 2500 coins when landing 5 of these anywhere on the reels. The Werewolf symbol is the wild icon and will work as an expanding wild where 2 wilds pays out 2x, 3 Werewolf symbols pay out 5x and 4 wilds pay out 10x.

When you land 3 or more of the Evil Doctor icons you’ll get to enter the free spins round. Three of these icons award 6 high powered free spins, 4 Evil Doctors pay 66 free spins and 5 of these icons will award a scary 666 free spins. It’s never too early to get your Halloween mood on so try your luck with Scary Rich 3 and start the ghouls and ghosts spirit early on this year.